Friday, December 26, 2008

Sherdog Predicts Breakthrough for Blackburn

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Brad “Bad” Blackburn Scouting Report
Height/Weight: 5’10/170 lbs.
Age: 31
Hometown: Los Angeles
Fighting out of: Olympia, Wash.
Record: 12-9-1

The stakes: One of several fighters who migrated to the UFC following the International Fight League’s Titanic reenactment, Blackburn made his presence known immediately with a spectacular TKO win against an overmatched James Giboo at UFC Fight Night 14. While it was not enough to get him on the main card, handling Chonan in similar fashion may be all Blackburn needs to raise his stock.

The breakdown: If Chonan’s going to stand pat and let the action come to him, this is Blackburn’s fight to lose, as his athleticism and explosiveness makes him a constant threat on the feet. Of course, his takedown defense would hardly be mistaken for the Berlin Wall, but it should be enough to force the issue with Chonan. As long as Blackburn can remain accurate and under control, he should leave Chonan’s mug looking like something from Garth Ennis’ imagination.

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The bottom line: Wait around for Chonan to snap out of his transcontinental daze if you like, but do not sleep on Blackburn, who realizes he has nothing to lose by going for broke, since no one expects much from him anyway. Meanwhile, Chonan will keep acting like Keanu Reeves in any movie in which he’s starred. Being a hollow shell devoid of emotion may work in Hollywood, but it does not fly in the cage. Blackburn notches another impressive win.

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