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Talking with Superman: an exclusive PRO MMA interview with Dennis Hallman

Originally posted on ProMMA.info

PRO MMA: First off, let me just say that, being originally from Tacoma, WA and living in Yelm, Wa in the past, I am a huge fan. Thank you for agreeing to talk with me. Your agent, Ken Pavia, recently discussed a possible return TO the UFC while on TAGG Radio. Can you elaborate for us?
Dennis Hallman: Well, Pav is doing a good job trying to get me back in the mix. I guess I was in line for a fight with Fitch but Gono was able to heal up enough to accept the fight. I would love to be able to step back into the UFC and fight a guy like Fitch.

PRO MMA: Ken also aluded to the fact that you are going to drop back down to welterweight. What weight are you most comfortable fighting at and why? Also, which weight do you feel you can be most competitive at and why?
Dennis Hallman: I really need to fight welterweight or lower. I walk around between 179-183lbs. I am willing to fight middleweight if the money is good or if its the right opponent. But I will be fighting at welterweight. I think I can compete at the top level at welterweight and lightweight.

PRO MMA: Not many people know about CageSport, can you tell us a little about it and what it’s like working on the other side of the business such as match-making and owning a promotion?
Dennis Hallman: CageSport is a local MMA show that gives guys the opportunity to prove themselves at a regional level. I have been promoting amateur shows in the Northwest for almost nine years. I have been involved with over 80 shows on the amateur level so I am very familiar with the other side of the fight business. Most of the pros in the Northwest have fought on my amateur shows at some time or another, so making matches for CageSport is an easy job. I am very familiar with almost every NW pro.

PRO MMA: At age 33, you have amassed quite an impressive record of 40-12-2, with 30 wins by submission. Do you have a favorite fight, or most memorable win?
Dennis Hallman: Well really I have about 25 more fights than my Sherdog record shows. One of my favorite fights was against a guy named Shane Sandoval. I was about 20 years old and the guy was a popular local Martial Arts competitor. MMA was still no-holds-barred then (most people had only one style) and I was still pretty much just a wrestler. I shot a double on the guy, at the same time I grabbed him he jumped in the air. It made it look like I picked him up over my head and threw him. The guy fell to the floor and hit himself in the mouth with his knees. I was in awe of what happened and it looked really cool on VHS.

PRO MMA: What organization do you think best suits you as a fighter? Not just money wise, but match-up wise, where you can be competitive and/or a title contender?
Dennis Hallman: I am 100% sure that I can beat anyone on any given day.And No B.S., I honestly believe that if I am on, then the other guy is in big trouble. So as far as title contention goes, I think that with proper preperation I can win anywhere. That being said, I really like Scott Coker and Strikeforce. Strikeforce is a fighter’s organization. I like the UFC, they have the best guys at almost every weight. I would also like to fight for Bellator, just because it would be cool to get exposure to the Spanish speaking MMA fans that may not have been exposed to alot of MMA.

PRO MMA: You are an 11 year MMA veteran and 33 years old. How much longer do you think you can really be competitive? Why?
Dennis Hallman: I think that MMA mirrors wrestling more than any other sport and wrestlers really mature in their 30’s, so that is good news. I have spent the last year and a half learning about my body and proper nutrition so I think the best Dennis Hallman is yet to come. If God is willing I hope to be active in fighting as long as my body can keep healthy.

PRO MMA: I ask everyone this; Many fighters now have clothing lines, radio shows, etc. Are you working on any projects outside of the cage?
Dennis Hallman: I am pretty busy raising my three sons Ryley, Richie and Jayden. My daughter Kylar Grace is being born via C-section tomorrow morning so I will be pretty busy with my kids. I also coach a junior wrestling team with 50 kids, we have matches every weekend. I also manage about 10 up and coming pro fighters, and ask Pav, each guy is a project by themselves.

PRO MMA: If you had your choice of anyone, who would you want to fight and why?
Dennis Hallman: I will seriously fight anybody but if I have the choice I would say GSP or Penn, they are the best two in my weight range, I would love the opportunity.

PRO MMA: You have an awesome and exciting fight style. As a BJJ practitioner myself, I would like to know, what is your favorite submission and why?
Dennis Hallman: My favorite sub is the guillotine because it is so easy to get. For years I quit doing it because it was so easy to get, I would just pass it up in practice but as of late I have been bringing it back and I love it.

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