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18 Questions for Chris Lytle

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Most fans know Chris Lytle as the guy who stands and trades with anyone or the guy who remains pinned under premier wrestlers. A cast member of “The Ultimate Fighter: The Comeback,” Lytle is doing his best to gain camera time with barnburners like his last outing against Paul Taylor.

“Lights Out” shared his views on his place in MMA, boxing and his desire to make his bout Saturday with Marcus Davis at UFC 93 a spectacular contest. Who has hit you the hardest?
Lytle: I don’t know. I’ve been hit a lot … been hurt by a lot. The worst was when I fought Robbie Lawler. I started to tag him a couple times, next thing I know, bam! I’m like, “S---, I’m on the ground!” As soon as I got hit, I kind of realized, “Man, I’m falling down!” But it wasn’t like I didn’t feel it. “Bam! Oh s---!” So I think it was him. Who have you hit the hardest?
Lytle: I’d have to say probably Aaron Riley. Sometimes when you hit, you can just tell that it feels solid. Lots of times when you’re fighting, it’s really hard to land that direct punch. ... If it’s [felt] all the way to my shoulder, that’s a good solid hit. Would you say Robbie Lawler was your toughest fight too?
Lytle: I wouldn’t say it was my toughest fight for me. It’ll have to be one of those outstanding wrestlers that I had to fight, like a [Matt] Hughes or a [Josh] Koscheck. You get a guy with real good hip strength and they’re trying basically to hold you down most of the time, those are the toughest fights for me from trying to do some certain movements to get out. Those are hard to move on, so those are probably my hardest. On the Internet forums, fans love your striking and grappling, but point to your wrestling as a weakness. Who are you training with in wrestling?
Lytle: We have some pretty decent college-level wrestlers around here. I work out with the guys at the University of Indianapolis sometimes. … But I think really, people are kind of surprised when they come and work out with me and wrestle. My wrestling’s really not that bad. It’s just that, when I fought Matt Serra my whole game plan was, “I’m not gonna get taken down. I’m just going to work on my takedown defense.” I did a fantastic job of not getting taken down. I actually took him down twice. He took me down once, so I took him down more than he took me down. But I lost the decision. The thing is, if I just sit there and try to not get taken down, I can do it. But I don’t think it’s gonna make an exciting fight.

After that fight, I said, “From now on, I’m trying to finish the fight. I’m trying to knock the guy out. I’m gonna be aggressive.” When you’re aggressive on your feet, you can get taken down easy, so that’s kind of it. I’ll trade being taken down sometimes and being held down for the ability to be aggressive and put on a good fight.

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