Thursday, January 08, 2009 1 on 1 with "The Crow" David Loiseau

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[BloodyKnux] Thanks for taking the time to talk to us David. Obviously, you’re excited to be back in the UFC. How does it feel? Did you always know you’d climb back on to the top eventually?

[David Loiseau] Feels great my friend. It feels like Ive left home for a while and now I'm coming back!

[BloodyKnux] Can you tell us what brought you back to the UFC?

[David Loiseau] Hard work from myself and the help of my whole team and manager Ken Pavia.

[BloodyKnux]Are you excited about fighting on the big stage of the UFC in your home town of Montreal?

[David Loiseau] Very. It's very motivating.

[BloodyKnux] The Montreal crowds are pretty crazy, so is there a risk of getting Over-excited?

[David Loiseau] Nah... I'm a professional. This is my job you know!

[BloodyKnux] You sound very focused! We're glad to have you back David. Since the last UFC in Montreal, the local organization – TKO – seems to have died off. What do you think that means for MMA in Quebec?

[David Loiseau] XMMA will take over and will do just fine. A great group of guys running that show. check them out at

[BloodyKnux] So you’re next fight is against Ed Herman, a solid fighter out of Team Quest. This seems like a great match up for you in front of your hometown fans. How do you feel about Herman?

[David Loiseau] He's a very good opponent. He will come ready and so will I. It will be a great fight.


[BloodyKnux] Do you have any sponsors or teammates to thank?

[David Loiseau] Everybody at Zahabi MMA, everyone at Team Jackson's, my conditioning coach and very close friend Jonathan Chaimberg, Montreal's wrestling club, WWW.MMAFIGHTSHOP.CA,TAPOUT,, nakedeye mag, and STAREDOWN fightwear.

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