Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fact or Fiction? Lytle vs. Davis win "Fight of the Night" at UFC 93

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Can Davis vs Lytle live up to the Hype?

We have had a lot of fights over the past year that have been hyped up as great match-ups of fighters with similar styles that did not live up to the hype come fight time. At UFC 87 Kenny Florian vs Roger Huerta was supposed to be an all out fast paced fight that pushed the pace and was built up as a “fight of the year” contender. Instead; we saw Florian pick apart Huerta slow the fight down to his pace and slowly pick apart Huerta for points in a well thought out gameplan.

Now at UFC 93 Marcus Davis vs Chris Lytle is being built up as a “Fight of The Night” lock by most fans, so we are asking our fans will this fight live up to the build up and steal the show at UFC 93?

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