Monday, January 12, 2009's Interview with Anthony "Rumble" Johnson

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What have you been up to?
I’ve been chilling. I went home to Georgia to see my family. Now I’m back training for my fight with Luigi in February.

Are you a Georgia Bulldogs fan?

I like them when they have a good team. I’m one of those guys that if you’re not winning I’m not going to pay attention to you.

What are your thoughts on Luigi Fiorivanti?

He’s tough man. I saw on the forums where people think I’m going to knock him out but Luigi is tough. You saw what he did to Diego, he went toe to toe with him. I think it’ll be a very good fight. He’s going to come in and try to do his thing and I’m going to come in there and do my thing. I don’t take any fight lightly.

How good did it feel to get the KO victory over Kevin Burns?

It felt great. I’m glad I ended it that way. I didn’t want to leave it in the judges hands. I wanted to beat him up and then knock him out. I got my wish for Christmas. I was determined not lose. I knew he couldn’t beat me. I wasn’t dominating him but I beating him better than the first time we fought.

You tried unsuccessfully to get that first fight overturned. Did you ever talk to Dana about it?

No, I didn’t. I said forget it. It is what it is. If that was what the commision wanted then I can’t change their minds. They made their decision and I have that loss on my record. But I should have had my head cleared and knocked Kevin out the first time. I shouldn’t have played around. Kevin did his job he fought me. I held back. I’ll never do that again.


Anything else you want to say to the fans?

Thank everybody for the support I got from the knockout of Kevin Burns. Without the fans and family I wouldn’t have been able to get back out and train like I was supposed to. My eye has healed up great. I want to thank Ken Pavia and the guys at MMA Agents. Tapout, my coach Cung Lee and Team Bush. Royal Blood Lines Generations, that’s the bloodlines of our pitbulls. A friend of mine actually started the bloodline. Thanks to everybody.

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