Thursday, January 15, 2009

Martin Kampmann: “185 or 170, I don’t care”

Martin Kampmann is finally ready to pick on someone his own size. Not that the man nicknamed “The Hitman” has ever made it a habit to pick on smaller men but exactly the opposite.

On Saturday night Kampmann will make his welterweight debut against Alexandre Barros who will be making his first appearance in the octagon. Kapmann had previously campaigned at 185 pounds for the bulk of his career but will be moving down to 170 pounds for the match up with Barros.

Kampann confessed in an exclusive interview with that there are times at the gym that he walks around lighter than some of the guys that compete at 155 pounds. In today’s age of cutting weight, that’s a problem.

“I’ve always been kind of light for a middleweight,” admitted Kampmann. “When I go down to the gym some of the guys that fight at 170 are heavier than me. Even some of the guys that fight at 155, when they’re out of shape, they would be heavier than me. I figured I would give it a try and try the welterweight division out.”

Barros has been in the game for more than a decade, went to the third round with former UFC welterweight Champion Matt Hughes back in 2000 and is currently riding a nine fight win streak. Even considering all of these factors it has been extremely difficult for Kampmann to do any homework on his opponent but he has a pretty good idea of what he can expect.

“I’ve seen a little video on him but not much,” said Kampmann. “I’m just expecting for him to be a really tough guy.”

“He’s been fighting for a long time. He’s been fighting since before I even knew what MMA was. He’s been in the game for a while so I’m expecting a really tough fight.”


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