Thursday, January 08, 2009

Martin Kampmann’s Drop to 170

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For those who haven’t taken note of Martin Kampmann, you’re missing out. He’s 13-2 in his career, and 4-1 in the UFC. His only loss former #1 contender and King of Pancrase Nate Marquardt.

Marquardt is no slouch, but what’s more impressive about Kampmann’s record is that he’s smaller than all of his opponents, and he wins by virtue of superior technique. He’s a fantastic kickboxer with solid ground skills (he’s finished three of his opponents in the UFC by submission). His only real shortcoming has been his lack of power, and he’s seemed completely unable to finish an opponent on his feet since joining the UFC roster, though he’s been perfectly good at hurting them.

In dropping to 170, Kampmann may finally be able to starch opponents who will be relatively the same size. At six feet tall, Kampmann will still be lanky and probably slim compared to most opposition, but he won’t look small.

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