Monday, January 26, 2009

MMAagents Forms Strategic Alliance with Joe Lear, President of Big Boxing, Inc!


Huntington Beach, CA - Ken Pavia, president of MMAagents, announced today a strategic alliance with Joe Lear, president of Big Boxing, Inc. In 2001, Lear became internationally known for creating and innovating Back Tattoo Advertising in the sport of boxing. Lear’s tattoos grew medium-sized companies, like, into mega industry leaders, while at the same time, injecting millions of dollars of revenue into the sport of boxing. In later years, with the help of Pavia, Lear integrated his advertising tattoos into the sport of Mixed Martial Arts resulting in the same phenomenal results. Now the strategic alliance of MMAagents and Lear plan to introduce several new, recession friendly, marketing and advertising plans to bring new companies and revenue streams into Mixed Martial Arts.

"There is a recession going on and everyone is feeling the squeeze. In response to the current conditions, MMAagents and I have joined forces to create low cost marketing campaigns with extremely high returns. The new, innovative programs include teams of at least 10 fighters, representing a single brand: in the media, in the gym where they train, in their online communities and at special events, for periods of three months or more. This team approach has been done in the past, but never encompassing so many aspects of the MMA lifestyle, with prices starting at a welcoming $5,000 a month."

"Its important for the sport in general, to offer these types of marketing plans. Our innovative plans could be compared to a government stimulus package, bringing new businesses and revenue into the sport," says Pavia. "In times of a recession, it is common practice for companies to cut back their advertising budgets in order to remain in the black. With prices this low and programs spanning several months, and not just event by event, it could be said these are recession-proof plans." Pavia concludes "In the end, everyone wins: new companies can invest with ease, the fighters get great exposure and the sport continues to grow, even in this economy."

For more information: Contact Joe Lear at or at 310-936-2524

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