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"More mature" Diego Saraiva credits UFC failures for today's success

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Some people say life is defined by how you respond to setbacks rather than success.

For Palace Fighting Championship featherweight title challenger Diego Saraiva (12-8-1), a fall from the good graces of the world's biggest organization led "The Octopus" to reinvent himself.

"I'm more mature, a better athlete," Saraiva recently told ( "I was always an athlete; don't get me wrong. But now I'm really concentrating on my fighting."

Saraiva found himself on top of the world when he me made his debut as a lightweight at UFC 67 in February 2007. Seven months later, Saraiva had dropped three-straight decisions to Jeremy Stephens, Jorge Gurgel and Dustin Hazelett and found himself being described as a "former UFC fighter."

Despite the unsuccessful run in the UFC, Saraiva feels the time was vital to his career.

"I learned a lot," Saraiva said. "It's an incredible experience to fight in the UFC, that's for sure.

"They made me a way better fighter because I learned a lot from my losses. It made me train more, made me try to find my weaknesses and work on them, and to try and be a better fighter. It was a good experience, and I learned a lot."

One of the biggest lessons Saraiva learned is that he was small for a world-class lightweight fighter. Saraiva spent 2008 focusing on increased conditioning in preparation for a drop to 145 pounds.

"I always fought at 155 (pounds), but I usually walk around at about 165 (pounds) or so," Saraiva said. "I was a small 155-pound fighter. Now I think I'm going to be good at 145 pounds."

Thursday's title fight with PFC featherweight champ Jorge Evangelista at "PFC 12: High Stakes" in Lemoore, Calif., will mark Saraiva's first bout at 145 pounds. The 26-year-old said he feels good about his new frame.

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