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"PFC 12: High Stakes" play by play and official results

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Round 1 - Uscola throws a heavy low kick, but Foupa-Pokam counters with a right hand. Uscola shoots in and slips, but he maintains an underhook and works Foupa-Pokam to the ground. Foupa-Pokam pulls guard while in his corner, and instructions come from his corner in his native French. Uscola looks for some short shots from top, but Foupa-Pokam avoids the damage. Referee Jason McCoy calls for a stand-up, and pulls the doctor to look at a small cut above Uscola's left eye. The restart comes quickly, and Foupa-Pokam delivers a quick assault of punches and kicks. Uscola falls, but Foupa-Pokam allows him to his feet. Foupa-Pokam moves forward with more aggression now, and a flying knee to the body lands with stunning authority. Uscola collapses on the floor, and "Professor X" doesn't bother to follow. Xavier Foupa-Pokam def. Kyacey Uscola via KO (knee to the body) -- Round 1, 2:06.


Round 1 - Diabate immediately stalks the much-smaller Sincaid. As Diabate moves in, Sincaid clinches and takes Diabate to the floor. Diabate initially controls Sincaid and scores elbows to the head, but Sincaid pops out and moves to side control. Diabate remains calm underneath and gains half-guard. Sincaid offers little on top and Diabate pulls full guard. Sincaid moves swiftly back into side control and in a scramble looks for a guillotine. Diabate slips out and transitions to Sincaid's back. Punches follow, but they land to the back of the head. Referee Cecil People stands the fighters and issues a warning. On the restart Diabate lands a heavy left leg to the body. The move hurts Sincaid, and Diabate follows with a series of punches to the head that immediately cut Sincaid open. Sincaid crumbles and covers as the bell sounds. sees it for Diabate after the flurry to end the round, 10-9.

Round 2 - Sincaid doesn't budge from his corner and Diabate walks him down. Another body kick and a punch and elbow score for Diabate. Sincaid is on the defensive and Diabate's confidence is sky high. Sincaid covers meekly in the corner and Diabate punishes his opponent with a series of elbows to the face. The blows leave Sincaid's nose twisted and gashes in his face. Peoples halts the bout for the ringside doctor to take a closer look. The decision doesn't take long, and the fight is waved off. Cyrille Diabate def. Lodune Sincaid via TKO (doctor's stoppage due to cuts) -- Round 2, 1:15.


Round 1 - Evangelista opens with a high kick that Saraiva blocks. Evangelista catches a kick from Saraiva and clinches in the corner. As they back away, Saraiva ducks under an elbow. Saraiva throws a kick to the body, but Evangelista circles away. Saraiva scores a kick to the body then escape from a counter in kind. Saraiva cuts the ring off, but he can't capitalize on Evangelista's time in the corner. Saraiva traps Evangelista in the corner but will not let his hands go, much to the dismay of his corner. The round ends, and sees a close round for Saraiva, 10-9, based on ring control.

Round 2 - Saraiva again walks Evangelista down but hesitates. A flurry finally comes, but Evangelista clinches. Evangelista works the Thai clinch briefly, but Saraiva moves away. Saraiva throws an axe kick after eating a left hand. Saraiva shoots in and wrestles Evangelista to the ground. Evangelista turtles and Saraiva takes his back. "The Octopus" locks in both hooks and peppers Evangelista with punches. Evangelista lifts and slams in an effort to shake Saraiva, but the move just lets "The Octopus" sink in the choke. Saraiva rolls Evangelista over and tightens the hold, forcing the tap. Saraiva earns the PFC featherweight title. Evangelista stands to reveal his left eye is completely closed. Diego Saraiva def. Jorge Evangelista via submission (rear-naked choke) -- Round 2, 2:39.

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