Thursday, January 08, 2009

Team Bison Tears it Up

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Although Kelly Kobold is best known for her decision loss to Gina Carano on October 4th’s Elite XC Heat fight card, the girl’s got more wins than Gina’s had fights. Kobold has been fighting professionally since July 2002, and her 16-3-1 record includes notable wins over two of MMA’s top tier fighters, Adrienna “AJ” Jenkins and Shayna Baszler.

Kobold trains at Team Bison, along with many of the Twin Cities’ top fighters such as Mike Bjork, Cory Walmsley, Brandon Foxworth, Sammy Morgan, Paul Giegorff and the undefeated Brett Rogers. Team Bison has over 400 wins in the cage, 25 regional titles and has fought all over the world. Since I was in Minnesota for the holidays, I decided to stop by the gym and check it out.

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