Monday, January 05, 2009

The Ten Best Knockouts of 2008

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Anthony Johnson vs. Tommy Speer - UFC Fight Night 13

Johnson’s surprise head kick over Kevin Burns at the TUF 8 finale may be the fresher of the two, but for me his lobotomy of TUF finalist Tommy Speer at Fight Night 13 was much more chilling. Speer was highly touted for his raw talent despite being choked out by Mac Danzig at the TUF 6 Finale and Johnson was coming off a disappointing submission loss to Rich Clementi at UFC 76. Speer thought it was a good idea to use his head as a welcoming committee and Johnson made him pay dearly. “Rumble” softened him up with a few shots to the dome and then dropped him with a vicious right against the fence. Speer just sat motionless against the cage with a pursed lip, like one of those faux-gangster prison poses.

Rating: Imaginary guest Rocky Dennis gives this KO four out of five masks. A stillborn Speer looked frozen in time like one of the characters from that painting in the ‘Good Times’ credits.

Aftermath: Falling star. Speer had the eye of fans and UFC brass alike. He was full of potential and had the strength of a silverback. Speer would fight three more times in 2008 and go 2-1, but has yet to return to the UFC.

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