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Anthony “Rumble” Johnson: Climbing the welterweight ladder one fighter at a time - PRO MMA exclusive interview

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Anthony “Rumble” Johnson (7-2, 4-2 UFC) isn’t worried about a title shot. He doesn’t care if he faces Mike Swick next, or Dan Hardy, although he wouldn’t mind Hardy coming to America on his turf for a face off. “Rumble” isn’t concerned if he needs one, two, or three more wins to get a shot at the UFC Welterweight Crown.

What he does concentrate and focus on is his next opponent. Once the call is received and he knows who the lucky guy is, then Anthony knows it’s time to take that next step up the ladder towards his goal of being the best 170 pound fighter on the planet.

Johnson is a great wrestler and a collegiate national champion, but it has been his highlight reel knockouts that have been his signature in the UFC. Every time he steps into the Octagon, fans are getting to see even more versatile striking from the 6′2″ Welterweight, as showcased with his sick head kick KO of Kevin Burns in their rematch.

PRO MMA ( caught up with Anthony today to talk about everything from The Ultimate Fighter to wanting to fight Dan Hardy on U.S. soil:

PRO MMA: You had a great performance in your last fight against Luigi Fioravanti, who is a tough guy but you dominated him and following his loss, he was released from the UFC. How does it feel to know that not only did you knock him out, but also knocked him out of the organization?
Anthony Johnson: I have no idea, you know, it surprised me that he was dropped from the UFC. He’s tough, he’s good. But, it’s their organization so they can do what they want to do, but it surprised me that they did cut somebody like him.

PRO MMA: You also were supposed to be a cast member on TUF 6 right?
Anthony Johnson: Yeah I went out for it you know what I’m saying, but I don’t think they wanted to have another Gabe Ruediger you know? With my size… It’s not difficult for me, to make 170 but it’s not easy, and I just don’t think they wanted to do that to me, my image, or do that to the organization overall. Somebody may go in there and sometimes they can’t make weight, and I’m sure that society might look at the UFC as a joke because they had one person on there that was a joke and couldn’t make weight, what are they doing letting two people on there that can’t make weight? They don’t want to make it a regular thing. I’m glad they didn’t send me on that show, my contract is better now.

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