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Erin Toughill is Back on Track for PFC

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After a two-year rollercoaster of a ride both personally and professionally, women’s MMA star Erin Toughill is finally seeing things go her way.

Returning to the sport she helped pioneer for the first time since 2006, Toughill fought to a decision victory over veteran fighter Jan Finney at last November’s Palace Fighting Championship, signaling the return of better times.

“Of course it was super exciting,” she said of her MMA return. “When I was off in 2007 it really wasn’t my choice. It was difficult for me to find opponents. In 2008 I was doing ‘American Gladiators,’ so I kind of took a little time off to do that.

“When I got the opportunity with PFC I was really ecstatic. I had never signed a contract before, and it was great to be back. I wasn’t happy about my performance per say, but I was happy I got the ring rust out and now I’m back – that’s what’s important.”

While some fighters might not relish the grinding process preparing for a fight, Toughill sees getting ready for her PFC return this Friday against Karen Williams a different way.

“It’s great, because it gives me a goal,” she stated. “It gives me something to focus on and spend my time productively and positively on.

“I try to live a healthy life now, as opposed to when I was fighting 10 years ago. I love the two-a-days and sometimes three-a-days. At 32 I’m in the best shape of my life and I love it.”


“I want to thank MMAAgents and Warrior Wear,” she closed out. “Take a look at my website,, and check out all the pictures, bio and updates.

“Please come to the PFC, this one is going to be a great fight. Whether it goes to the ground or stays standing up, I’m very comfortable. I’ve submitted people and knocked people out, so whichever is fine with me.”

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