Thursday, February 26, 2009

Former Boxing Champ Rahman Headed to MMA

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Here's Chris Lytle's take on Hasim Rahman's potential move to MMA:

“Even though he’s an older boxer, with his hands, he’ll be head and shoulders above everybody in that division,” Lytle said. “If he can keep it on his feet. If he hasn’t been doing extensive work on takedown defense, he’ll struggle. In my honest opinion, he’ll beat up some guys and knock some people out, and when they try and step him up against a guy with a good game plan, he’ll get taken down and lose.”

The ranges in boxing are deceptive realms that don’t easily translate into MMA, explained Lytle.

“It’s way different. He isn’t gonna be used to a boxing range where the jab is there, because you can’t stand there and just jab. Just out of jab range, where you’re safe in boxing, is kick range,” Lytle said. “Luckily for him he’s not gonna try and out-jab a guy, he’s gonna try and land a big right hand. But he’s gonna have to do more than just lunging in. You can’t set things up as much with your hands in MMA.”

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