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Johnson rolls on UFN 17 main card

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In the evening's broadcast opening bout, welterweights Anthony Johnson (7-2 MMA, 4-2 UFC) and Luigi Fioravanti (14-5 MMA, 4-5 UFC) were expected to stand toe-to-toe in a slugfest. Unfortunately for the much-smaller Fioravanti, he just couldn't quite get his toes close enough to cause any damage.

Johnson's reach proved a sizable obstacle throughout the opening round, and Fioravanti could not get inside the outstretched jabs and slapping leg kicks of his opponent. "Rumble" remained calm, almost too calm for the crowd's liking, but eventually scored with a crushing right hand to the temple. The blow wobbled Fioravanti, and Johnson immediately went in for the kill.

As Fioravanti tried to grab a single-leg takedown, then cover up, but the onslaught was relentless. The blows continued to rain down, and referee Troy Waugh was forced to step in with 21 seconds remaining in the opening period.

Johnson was happy with the win, but told Rogan he was capable of more.

"I'm happy I got a win, but my performance -- man, I could have done so much better," Johnson said. "I came out sloppy, but I'll get better. I'm only 24-years-old and I've got a lot of improving to do."

When pressed as to what aspect of his impressive performance he least enjoyed, Johnson said there was little he actually liked.

"Everything," Johnson said. "I didn't like the way I came out or nothing. But I still tried to put on a show for the fans, and I hope you guys liked it."

Johnson has now won two-straight contests, while Fioravanti is 2-2 in his past four bouts.

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