Thursday, February 12, 2009

“Rumble” Talks Latest Victory

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It’s always a tall order to one-up a highlight reel, KO victory, and although Anthony “Rumble” Johnson’s recent TKO stoppage of the veteran Luigi Fioravanti may not be forever recalled by fight fans like his prior win over Kevin Burns, it was important nonetheless. After stunning the resilient Fioravanti with a hard right hand late in round one, Johnson finished off the American Top Team fighter with a flurry of punches, once again demonstrating the striking skills that have fast tracked Johnson into the promotion’s spotlight.

“To be honest with you I didn’t think I would put him away like that you know?” Johnson said about Fioravanti, whose only other TKO loss came against Diego Sanchez in June, 2008. “I always plan on putting my opponents away, but I knew Luigi had a good chin, and he wasn’t out when I hit him, but I just kept putting the pressure on him when he hit the ground so he tapped out. I feel pretty satisfied with the way it ended.”

While Johnson tried to keep Fioravanti at bay with punches and kicks, the ATT fighter kept coming, attempting to close the distance so that he could engage the much taller Johnson.

“I wasn’t surprised at all,” said Johnson, when asked for his thoughts on Fioravanti’s approach. “I knew if I was Luigi that’s what I would have tried to do too.”

Fioravanti may not be situated at the top of the promotion’s welterweight division, but the former middleweight has competed against notable fighters like the aforementioned Sanchez, Jon Fitch and Chris Leben, in addition to holding wins over men like Solomon Hutcherson, Luke Cummo and Brodie Farber.

“I hold all my fights the same,” Johnson told FCF, when asked where this latest victory ranks in his career. “To me the best victory was my win over Kevin (Burns) with the high kick, but with Luigi and the rest of my fights that I’ve won, they’re all the same. They’re all equal to me.”

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