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Benji Radach ready for April 11 Strikeforce debut - PRO MMA exclusive interview

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Benji Radach is set to make his Strikeforce debut where he will do battle with Scott “Hands of Steel” Smith on April 11th. The middleweight bout will air live on Showtime as part of the Shamrock vs. Diaz undercard. Both Radach and Smith are known for putting it all on the line and producing exciting fights and this contest should be no different. Benji is riding high after a very impressive knockout victory in October over Chute Boxe star Murilo “Ninja” Rua.

PRO MMA ( recently had the chance to catch up with Benji and talk with him about many things including his big victory over “Ninja” Rua, his upcoming battle with Smith, his time in the IFL, his future in Strikeforce, and the possibility of a match up with middleweight champion Cung Le somewhere down the line. Check it out!

PRO MMA: Hey Benji, I want to thank you for taking the time to sit down with us.
Benji: Sure.

PRO MMA: You really looked awesome last October in your fight against Murilo “Ninja” Rua. Your striking looked sharp and your submission defense looked great. Tell us about that fight.
Benji: It was a good fight, it was really exciting. My goal in that fight was to keep him off balance. Those Chute Boxe guys if you let them start coming forward they’re going to do a lot of damage. My goal was to keep him on his heels and stay in his face the whole fight. It created a really exciting fight. His style is to come forward, throw hands and knees, and I knew if I took that away from him he would have trouble. That was my goal, so I did that in the first round. It took a lot of energy from me trying to push, push, and push the whole time. He’s a tough dude; he took a lot of shots and just kept coming and didn’t slow down much. In that second round I had to sit in the back seat a minute and get my breath back. I let him start dictating the pace. He started doing some damage coming forward like he does, so I just started counter punching for a while until I could catch him with something and then finally did.

PRO MMA: Well you looked fantastic. Were you able to come out of that fight good and healthy?
Benji: Yes, I came out of that fight good and healthy. I took several months off to just recoup, I went up north and visited the family. Nnow I’ve had to get back to the training. I’m really getting to where I need to be right now. I’ve got another month left and I should be good and strong and fired up by the time the fight starts.

PRO MMA: How’s your training camp going leading up to this fight with Scott Smith?
Benji: It’s going pretty good. You know I don’t really have a camp, so I’m kind of like an underdog in a lot of ways. I’m expected to lose a lot of these fights just because of my training. It’s not the best right now because I don’t have a camp but, I am winning and beating these guys. I train in the mornings here at work and then at night I travel around and find the best guys in the area to train with.


PRO MMA: If you would like to give a shout out to anyone go ahead.
Benji: I really want to thank TAPOUT. They’ve really been helping me out the past few fights and in between there too. I want to thank my managers, and Ken Pavia have been a big help finding me these fights and doing there best to get me sponsorships.

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