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David “The Crow” Loiseau prepares to face Ed Herman at UFC 97 - PRO MMA exclusive interview

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David “The Crow” Louiseau is a twenty-nine year old mixed martial arts fighter from Montreal, Canada. He has fought in the TKO, Elite XC, XMMA, and UFC promotions. He is the current XMMA Middleweight Champion and former TKO Middleweight Champion.

Fortunately for Canadian MMA fans, “The Crow” recently signed a new contract with the UFC which will place him not only in Canada, but in front of his home town friends and fans on April 18, 2009 when he takes on Ed “Short Fuse” Herman at UFC 97. It will be “The Crow’s” first fight back in the UFC in nearly three years.

David was nice enough to take time out of his busy schedule to speak to us at PRO MMA ( today and it was a real honor to talk with one of the sport’s true superstars.

PRO MMA: How are you doing today David?
THE CROW: I’m doing very good, thanks.

PRO MMA: Where are you right now?
THE CROW: I’m in Montreal, Canada.

PRO MMA: Have you started training for your next fight?
THE CROW: Yeah, I train all year ’round so I’m always training. Camp for this fight started about a month and a half ago.

PRO MMA: Who are you training with for this fight?
THE CROW: Same people man, same camp. I got the people from TRI-STAR GYM. We go back and forth and mix-up with guys from Greg Jackson’s camp. Team Jackson and the guys from TRI-STAR, it’s like the same team you know.

PRO MMA: Do you ever go to Albuquerque?
THE CROW: Yes, Albuquerque and Denver, Colorado.

PRO MMA: What did you think of Jardine’s fight against Rampage?
THE CROW: Jardine fought a tough fight, full of heart, it was a good fight. Rampage finished the fight very strong and got the decision. It was a very good fight.

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