Monday, March 23, 2009

David Loiseau 'The Crow Returns to the UFC'

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PunchDrunkGamer's Justin Bolduc sat down with David “The Crow” Loiseau to talk about his UFC return against Ed Herman at UFC 97 in April.

PDG: First, it is great to have you back in the UFC. How do you feel about your upcoming return?

David: I feel great, man. It feels good to be back home. [The UFC] is my home. It was a long time since I've been back – since 2006, and I'm just very happy to be back, man.

PDG: You fell into a rough spot with a few losses in a row, but now you have momentum behind you. How do you feel about where you are at now as opposed to where you were in 2006?

David: It is not even comparable, I am just a better overall fighter. I am so much better all around and I have such a solid team behind me. I have different coaches and world-class training partners on a regular basis – whether it is wrestlers, boxers, MMA fighters. Everyone I train with has world class jiu-jitsu. They say you are only as good as your training partners, and that is how it is. My camp is very solid and training is solid.

PDG: Who are some of your key training partners right now?

David: I have everybody from Tri-Star gym and Greg Jackson's – too many guys to name [laughs]!

PDG: You're fighting Ed Herman next; what are your thoughts on him?

David: You know, he's like every fighter in the UFC – experienced and tough. I'm just looking forward to a great fight. The UFC is the place with the best fighters, so there are no easy fighters [there]. You go into the UFC to fight the best, and that is why I am in this sport. I'm just looking forward to the challenge.

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