Monday, March 16, 2009

Jeremy Williams vs. Rick Rufus at WCA on May 8th

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Bombshell alert! The WCA has just put together an absolutely incredible match. They’ve got Jeremy “Half-Man, Half-Amazing” Williams going against Rick “The Jet” Rufus in the main event of their upcoming show on May 8th in Atlantic City.

This fight is obviously going to be a explosive slug-fest. Rufus is a former kickboxing champion and Williams is a former boxing champion. Can you say fireworks?

Gary Marino, the matchmaker for the WCA, is already legendary for putting together some historic MMA matches, including Kimbo’s debut against Ray Mercer. Now he’s done it again. Marino knows that pitting two pure strikers against each other with four ounce gloves is a recipe for nitroglycerin. And with Williams and Rufus, it’s not just pure strikers going at it, it’s championship level strikers. Can you say boom?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That should be a very interesting fight. Puncher vS the Kicker,, good match. If Jeremy takes away the legs by staying close,, Rufus will get knocked out

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