Saturday, March 28, 2009

Martin Kampmann "Coming to Nashville"

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PunchDrunkGamer's Justin Bolduc sat down with UFC veteran Martin Kampmann to discuss his upcoming UFC Fight Night 18 bout with former WEC welterweight champion Carlos Condit on April 1 in Nashville, TN.

PDG: You have a pretty big fight coming up with the WEC welterweight champion, and a lot of people consider him top ten in the division, Carlos Condit; what are your thoughts on him and what are you doing to prepare for him?

Martin: I'm working on my stand-up, wrestling, and ground like always – I'm working on everything. Of course there are some things [Carlos] is good at. He's long and he has dangerous knees. He throws a lot of kicks and he is dangerous off his back. We've been working on that, but I've been doing what I always do and working on everything.

PDG: How are you feeling now down at 170 pounds and is cutting the weight easy for you?

Martin: It is very easy for me now. When I did my first cut I dropped so much weight that I haven't really put it all back on now. I'm walking around really light right now, even for [welterweight]. I'm trying to put some more weight on.

PDG: What are you walking around at now?

Martin: Right now I'm at 182 [pounds].

PDG: Oh, wow.

Martin: Yeah, pretty light. So I'm trying to put some more weight on and not be so skinny!

PDG: You had the successful fight in Ireland against Alexandre Barros; what were you able to take away from that 170-pound fight?

Martin: I made a couple of mistakes in that fight. I tried to do a stupid takedown and ended up on the bottom. Just small things like that I did that I can come back to the gym and work on.

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