Sunday, March 15, 2009

What you May Not Know About MMA Fighter Justin McCully

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Even if you follow MMA pretty closely there will still be fighters that you don’t know or that you don’t know that much about. One of them probably is Justin McCully. He’s a heavyweight, and he trains hard for what he does.

In 2000 he took some time away for the sport to spend time with his newborn daughter and to address some other personal issues, but those things have long been worked out and McCully is in full force and ready to take on all new comers. Like McCully and others, you have to train hard and stay committed if you want to be an MMA fighter. One of the best ways that you can make that happen is through a school like MMA Richmond. The instructors there are top quality and they are dedicated to making your MMA training and fighting dreams come to pass. You can learn a lot there, and the day may come when you’re in the ring with MMA fighter Justin McCully.

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