Saturday, April 11, 2009

Benji Radach Back in Action at Strikeforce

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Having overcome multiple injuries and a near year-long layoff courtesy of the now defunct IFL, things seemed to be going Benji Radach’s way when he was brought back into action through EliteXC.

After yet another setback in his career, due to the very public debacle of the ProElite family, you would think Radach would have gathered a negative experience from his one fight stint with the promotion.

“No nothing negative at all, they were really good and the show was awesome and everything was ran professional. It was a really good experience,” he explained.

Though most fighters were hurting after EliteXC ceased operations, Radach was one of the fortunate fighters who didn’t struggle to provide income for him and his family. In fact, the former IFL Anaconda was so busy that fighting hadn’t crossed his mind. “Honestly, I was so busy with LA Boxing at the time that we were signing on like four new franchises a month, but I was so busy that I wasn’t even concerned about getting back in the ring at the moment.”

Now joining the Strikeforce ranks, which boasts some of the biggest names outside of the UFC, Radach feels that his division is the one to look out for. “I think that Strikeforce has got a tougher 185 depth pound division than any other organization in the nation right now, so I’m pretty stoked to be a part of that.”

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