Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Brett Rogers KOs Abongo Humphrey in Hair-Pulling Slugfest

Photo Courtesy of DwizzlesWorld
Originally posted on MMA.fanhouse.com

Saturday night's Strikeforce MMA show on Showtime got off to a fast-paced, hard-hitting, hair-pulling start as Brett Rogers knocked out Abongo Humphrey with a series of vicious knees in the second round.

Yes, I said hair pulling. Humphrey wears his hair in long dreadlocks, and three times during the first round, Rogers grabbed that hair. That's a foul, and referee Herb Dean (who also wears his hair in long dreadlocks) warned Rogers twice before taking a point away. In fairness to Rogers, it appeared that at least one of the hair pulls was unintentional, as a result of getting his hands tangled in Humphrey's hair.

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