Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Erin Toughill Part I: “Be grateful, because things can change in a second”

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If you aren’t already familiar with the name Erin Toughill you will become extremely familiar very soon. The former top ranked professional boxer recently returned to the cage after a two year retirement stint with a unanimous decision victory over a very tough Jan Finney in November of 2008.

Outside of a disqualification loss due to the illegal use of elbows in 2004, Toughill has not suffered a mixed martial arts loss since her third professional fight way back in 2000.

Toughill recently revealed in an exclusive interview with that she will be signing with Strikeforce very soon and expects a match -up with the fearsome Brazilian striker Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos sometime in 2009. They say that three’s company, well current female contenders for the Strikeforce championship Gina Carano and the previously mentioned Cyborg can expect company very soon.


“I would like to thank Ken Pavia and the rest of the boys at They have all really worked hard for me, and have been a great addition to my life and career. I would like to thank Warrior Wear and I want to thank Brian Rauchback, Josiah & John Marsh, from Lotar, helping me and dedicating their time to me so I can be the best. I want to thank My Mom and friends who have been there for me. Last but not least, I want to thank Mo Lawal who has become a great friend and training partner for me. We’re probably two of the most opposite people [laughs], but we have a great friendship. Go to: and for pics, bio and info on my career!”

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