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Erin Toughill Part II: ‘Be prepared to be hit, and hit hard’

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Once widely respected as one of the best female mixed martial artists and professional boxers at the same time, Erin Toughill has recently rebounded from a two year retirement stint in MMA and expects to cause some serious shock waves in the not so distant future of Strikeforce’s female division.

Much like most of the other mixed martial arts fans that happened to follow the sport way back in 1999, Toughill had no clue that there were actually other females out there that were involved with this type of thing. A true pioneer of female mixed martial arts in very sense of the word, Toughill jumped at the opportunity when it presented itself.

“I actually was not aware women even did MMA,” revealed Toughill in an exclusive interview with “I had been watching the UFC from its first show, and thought it was the greatest thing I’d ever seen. I met my first Trainer, Sean McCully, through mutual friends. At eighteen, I had gotten into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but trained with Sean on and off for a while after. He saw something in me and asked if I wanted to fight. I figured I’d be doing KickBoxing, but he asked me to participate in an MMA fight in Aruba when I was barely twenty two. I said, “What the hell!” And it unrolled from there.”


“I will be signing with Strikeforce this summer and we will see what unfolds. Whether it’s Gina, Cyborg or anyone else, I take no one lightly. When I first started, because of how I looked, people took me lightly. And then when I beat them, they probably thought different. You never know what a person will bring to the ring, but you need to be prepared no matter who it is.”
“I would like to Thank Ken Pavia and the rest of the boys at They have all really worked hard for me, and have been a great addition to my life and career. I would like to thank Warrior Wear and I want to thank Brian Rauchback, Josiah & John Marsh, from Lotar, helping me and dedicating their time to me so I can be the best. I want to thank My Mom and friends who have been there for me. Last but not least, I want to thank Mo Lawal who has become a great friend and training partner for me. We’re probably two of the most opposite people [laughs], but we have a great friendship. Go to: and for pics, bio and info on my career!”

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