Saturday, April 25, 2009

Interview with the Agent: Ken Pavia

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Wimsett: When/Why did you start MMA Agents? What were you doing before and what was it about the industry that appealed to you? Do you exclusively represent MMA fighters or do you have other sports clients?

Pavia: I purchased UFC 1 and became a fan. I was introduced to Ricco Rodriguez soon after he lost to Nog in Japan and he approached me for representation. I was a baseball and hockey agent for 12 years prior. I now only represent MMA fighters.

Wimsett: How many fighters do you represent? Who are your top guys? Do you represent women fighters?

Pavia: I represent 55 fighters. One female. Erin Toughill. They are all top guys…

Wimsett: Do you oversee/coordinate your fighters’ training schedules and programs?

Pavia: I leave the training to the professionals. I seek business opportunities for my clients. They choose which fights to take.

Wimsett: How many different promotions do you work with? Which one is the easiest to work with? What kind of services are you able to provide to a fighter under a UFC contract?

Pavia: In 2007 we sent fighters to 32 promotions in 8 countries. In 2008 we sent them to 35 promotions in 8 counties. We will blow those numbers away this year. We provide compliance support, media support, travel support, sponsorships, PR, legal, appearances and seminars, and fight procurement.

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