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King of Kombat’s Todd Moore Won’t Drink His Own Pee

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Todd Moore fights veteran Rocky Johnson this Saturday at King of Kombat at the Crockett Center in Austin in one of the more anticipated fights of the evening. While Johnson has been in a cage with the likes of Leonard Garcia, Josh Thomson, and Alvin Robinson, Moore’s last three fights have been against top-of-the-food-chain fighters John Alessio, Shane Roller, and submission wizard Shinya Aoki.

Returning to fight in Texas, Moore looks to build from his “big-show” experiences and return to the form that brought him a 9-0 record in his first 9 fights. Moore talks about allowing weak-looking guys in bars to try to choke him, why he wants to fight Frank Shamrock, and resisting the urge to drink his own pee.

1. You had an amazing run of victories from 2005 to 2007 that propelled you to the big shows every fighter is working towards. Can you talk about your confidence-level during that stretch and your state of mind going into your appearances in the WEC and Dream?

Moore: When you fight for peanuts all that matters is the win. Theres still a sense of pureness about it and thats all I was motivated to do during that run was to win. I was very head strong…. With the chance to compete for some big shows, I started competing for the wrong reasons- primarily money, and with that I felt I polluted the pureness and focus I put in at the start of my career. So now I remind myself of that pureness, and also since the money really isnt an issue anymore it makes it all the more easier to focuse on the reason i’m doing this-To WIN.

2. You have three losses in your last three fights but that’s a deceiving stat - the losses are against top-of-the-food-chain competition in John Alessio, Shane Roller, and Shinya Aoki. How have these losses affected your confidence and your training?

Moore: You always try to learn something from yourself from each loss, but bottom line-it really sucks… I always have to remind myself that I do this sport because I love to compete, losses will happen but all I’ve done is pick myself up head back to the gym and train for the next juan.

3. Your reputation has been as a fighter with extremely strong punches - your last victory was a 52 second TKO of Jay Coleman - in the wake of your last three fights have you made any changes to your gameplanning, training, or fighting style to make you an even better fighter?

Moore: Yes- Its a new secret formula that involves drinking your own pee for nutrition, using a snorkle when I train, only I stick it in the other end to enhance the training, and I sleep in an elevation bubble like michael jackson. My point being you cant take everything you see athletes do on tv at face value, you watch these training camp specials and you actually see guys doing some funny new things that they hope will be the SECRET formula to winning… What i’ve been doing is working hard and smart with more efficiency, as I get older I’ve been gaining more knowledge about the body through experience and I’m always refining my technique.

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