Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pros Picks: Liddell vs. Shogun

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Many professional trainers and fighters think they have the answer to those questions. recently polled dozens of the pros in an attempt to get a read on the pulse of the MMA elite. Some were a little hesitant to comment on the fight, but the brave ones put their names and reputations on the line and boldly picked a winner...

Brad Blackburn: I think the first round should be a very exciting kickboxing match. But after the first round, if the fight hasn't ended, and Rua hasn't upped his conditioning, it's going to be all Chuck from that point on.

Jonathan Goulet: If Shogun is not in shape, like when he fought Coleman, he will get destroyed, but if he is in shape I will give Liddell a split decision.

Erin Toughill: Both are at a crossroads in their career. Both were unbeatable forces at one time, but in my opinion the toe-to-toe fights have caught up with them. At any rate, I see Liddell winning this one. I think they’ll just haymaker each other for three rounds (laughs), but if Liddell uses good footwork and punches and moves, he will win by decision.

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