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Strikeforce Predictions

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Benji Radach vs. Scott Smith

Cory Brady: If there’s one thing Scott Coker and Strikeforce know how to do, it’s putting on exciting, relevant fights. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t want to see Scott Smith and Benji Radach slug it out like a couple of cowboys in western saloon brawl? Crickets chirping………..Exactly. There are quite a few parallels that jump out at me between these two middleweight knockout artists. The first being, they’re both knockout artists, that’s the obvious comparison. On top of that, both men recently bounced back from knockout defeats to score impressive knockout victories of their own. Both have been knocked out in the not so distant past, and both have shown an extreme capacity to separate their opponents from consciousness during the course of their beatdown filled careers. When you factor the fact that Radach and Smith have made it perfectly clear that they have every intention to stand up and bang it out, you have the recipe for a thrilling back and forth brawl with the loser taking a quick nap on the canvas. I think Radach’s slight edge in wrestling will be the difference in this one. Even though I think these guy’s are going to bang it out, Radach’s ability to offset the tempo with the threat of a takedown should open up some holes in Smith’s defense, and possibly lead to a Radach knockout. Fights like this are impossible to pinpoint, but whatever happens, it’s going to be fun to watch, guaranteed.

Brett Rogers vs. Ron Humphrey

Cory Brady: This is my guilty pleasure bout of the evening. While it’s hard not to get excited about the match ups like Shamrock vs. Diaz, and Radach vs. Smith, it’s something about these big, heavy handed heavyweights that sends a special chill through my body right before the two tap gloves to signify the start of the bout. Something about the impending and inevitable destruction that is sure to come from big, powerful men with track records of leaving their opponents in a heap squaring off in a “somebodies 0 has got to go” match, there’s nothing like it. Rogers has stopped every one of his eight opponents with his fists, while Humphrey has finished all five of his bouts with strikes as well. Translation: Someone’s getting knocked out. You’ve got to love it! While I don’t know much about Humphrey, other than he wrecks fools, I’m thinking Rogers will bring a quick close to this one. He punches like a truck, and I’m really glad to see him finally return to

David Andrest: I’ll be honest, the only thing that will make me happy here is a QUICK KO. I don’t want to hear about working at the tire warehouse. I don’t want to see 9 people unrelated to the sport dancing and celebrating in the cage after a victory. I want a quick KO, look impressive, and leave quietly. Let the brain dead Rob and Big fans try to convince the world you belong in the same sentence as Alistair Overeem. Winner Rogers.

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