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Todd Moore Prevails at King Of Kombat

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Todd Moore vs. Rocky Johnson (160 pounds)

Houston native Moore is anxious to return to Texas and to victory after three straight losses in the WEC (versus John Alessio and Shane Roller) and Dream (Shinya Aoki). None of these losses are to slouches but Moore is used to winning - undefeated in 9 fights before graduating to WEC and Dream. Dallas fighter Johnson is a veteran, 20 and 8 according to the promotion and 10 and 6 according to the Sherdog Fight Finder.

Round 1: Moore is cutting off the cage and jabbing while Johnson connects with a strong right cross. Moore clinches and has a textbook takedown of Johnson. The ground n pound begins and Moore is landing elbows as well as punches from inside Johnson’s guard. Johnson looks hurt as he is unable to hold Moore’s hands. The elbows of Moore are relentless as he works hard to finish the fight. Johnson somehow holds on and continues to defend himself until action slows. Moore’s mouthpiece has come out so the referee stops the fight for Moore to get it replaced while a bloodied Johnson regains his feet. The fight is restarted standing but it isn’t long before Moore takes Johnson down again and returns to ground n pound. TTF scores the round 10-9 for Moore.

Round 2: Johnson begins to give Moore plenty to think about. He’s landing punches on occasion and missing on powerful roundhouses, spinning backfists, and high kicks. Moore seems unfazed. Moore gets another takedown and the action is right in front of us. Rocky is working from the bottom, actually connecting more than Moore despite his disadvantaged position. Moore passes to side control but Johnson works hard to retain guard. Both fighters are working hard but the referee inexplicably stands them up. The fighters circle but the round is over. TTF scores the round 10-9 for Moore due to superior positioning but Johnson did land more strikes. Due to his being on bottom none of the strikes were particularly devastating, although an upkick to Moore’s face almost certainly left a Nike logo behind.

Round 3: A big right hand from Moore rocks Johnson and Moore takes top position again. Johnson throws a nice right from his back and follows with an armbar attempt but Moore controls the position and moves to side control. Again, the referee inexplicably stands the fighters up despite Moore being in side-control and both fighters effectively working on the ground. Johnson lands a big high right kick but Moore remains unfazed. Moore again takes Johnson down and works from top position. Rocky attempts a hell hook that is unsuccesful. Moore briefly mounts Johnson but Johnson quickly regains half-guard. Moore mounts again and starts to rain down punishment from above. Rocky again pulls his legs through and is able to work Moore back into his guard. The round, and another great fight, ends. TTF scores the round 10-9 for Moore.

TTF scores the bout 30-27 and all judges agree. In the post-fight interview in the cage Moore tells the crowd he is anxious for a King of Kombat title shot. The belt is currently vacant as Lightweight champion Nick Gonzalez is now fighting for Bellator Fighting Championships. Possible contenders? Moore could take on Duece King, who also won a war tonight and had previously lost a decision to Gonzalez in 2008. Layne Yarbrough and Derek Campos were other victorious Lightweights on tonight’s card. Both fighters looked good in their respective fights as well. King of Kombat is spoiled for choice in the Lightweight division.

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