Wednesday, April 15, 2009

UFC 97 Redemption: The Picks

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Xavier Foupa-Pokam d. Denis Kang

Kang will come out with something to prove after his disastrous debut, but Xavier is well rounded as well. I admit I don't know as much about "Professor X," but he has a number of wins by submission as well as (T)KO.

Kang has faced better competition, I believe, but has lost to most of them. Kang can't seem to settle down for a decision win, switching back and forth between tactics and needlessly exposing himself to danger. I'm picking Foupa-Pokam just based on Kang's tendency to throw away fights, but I wouldn't be surprised if it went the other way.

David Loiseau d. Ed Herman

I think Loiseau has finally gotten his head right, and is coming off three wins, including a gutsy fifth round TKO of Solomon Hutcherson. Herman is an unpredictable fighter, and not in the good way. He has been winning and losing upsets his entire time in the UFC.

The telling factor is that Herman is not a very explosive fighter and will probably have difficulty controlling Loiseau. His striking is also very rudimentary, and I think Loiseau will give him fits on the feet. That is if he can open up, which shouldn't be an issue with Herman; I think the UFC is giving Loiseau a good style matchup in this one.

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