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A Biased Fan's Report: The Top Five Most Entertaining Fighters of All Time

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No. 5—James “Mega Punk” Thompson

You can say a lot about this fighter: some good, some bad. The one thing you can never say is that he’s boring to watch.

From the moment he enters the arena, he electrifies the crowd. I’ve seen it. I’ve felt it. It's like a superhero just walked into the place. Japanese fans tend to think of him as some sort of superhero. A Mega Man capable of anything. They even created a You-tube video describing him as just that: a hero of the people.

This man walks out and into the arena, shaking in anticipation as one of the five most entertaining fighters of all time. He can barley control his rage, as he steps into the ring- never taking his eyes off his victim….er opponent.

When the bell rings it's on, and he’s across the mat in seconds, eager to engage his opponent and do whatever it takes to dismantle his opposition. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Regardless, he’s a thrill and a half.

Bas Rutten is quoted as saying he wouldn’t feel safe around this guy unless he had a baseball bat. I think that says enough right there. James Thompson, with the proper camp and promotion, could rule the world of MMA.

No. 3—Phil “The New York Badass” Baroni

Say whatever you like, Phil was "Da man." His fight against Minowa 1 was one of the greatest fights of all time. The way he entered an arena would make any NY’er proud. “Im the best, so bleep on it!”

Walking in and wearing a slick robe and a Yankee emblem on his hoo-ha, he was ready to crush heads. In Bushido he reached his peak, dismantling every ace they had.

People have pretty bad opinions of this guy, but he was damn fun to watch, and he represented and gets credit for that.

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