Friday, May 29, 2009

In Search of James Thompson

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A Giant Hairy Creature...part Ape, part Man. Americans call him “The Colossus,” Japanese refer to the beast as “Megapunk.”

Most believe he is as gentle as he is both powerful and mysterious.

He has been seen many times, in the shrouded cages and distant rings. Rarely during the day—he is almost always seen at night. His presence made known throughout the crowd by the screams of a woman. Jaaaaaaaaameesss Thompsonnnnnnnnnn! Followed by his own bellow and the slamming of his palms as he prepares for battle.

Encounters with James have never been peaceful.

In 2009, some men were working a small cage somewhere in the western United States. What they saw has been recorded here, and may shock the faint of heart.

James ‘The Colossus” Thompson is a mountain of a man. Standing nearly 6’6” and weighing upwards of 280lbs, few forget any encounter with the giant. Following his fight with “Big” Jim York, another beast of equal magnitude, James disappeared.

Today we go “In Search Of: James “The Colossus” Thompson.

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