Friday, May 29, 2009

Phil Baroni Is Back

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On June 6, 2009 in St. Louis, Missouri at Scottrade Center, Strikeforce will host another solid MMA fight card that promises fireworks as usual.

One bout, however, could generate more hype, action and an exciting finish worthy of stealing the show. That fight, in my opinion is ‘The New York Bad Ass’, Phil Baroni versus Joe ‘Diesel’ Riggs.

If you break this fight down from the roots on up, it is already a great match up on paper. Both men have a body of work that qualifies them as experienced. Both have fought in the UFC, in addition to various other promotions, since embarking upon their MMA careers.

Both Baroni and Riggs have fought successfully, many times, at a weight that is heavier than the 170 lb. contest they are about to do.

It is also very difficult to peer at the records of both Riggs and Baroni and say who has fought the bigger names, holds the bigger wins, as both of them can make a case in those categories. Riggs lost to Wesley Diego Sanchez, yet holds a win over a younger Nick Diaz.

Phil Baroni’s record shows a loss to the likes of Frank Shamrock but also a KO win over Ryo Chonan, the last man to legitimately defeat Anderson Silva (Yushin Okami holds a DQ win over Silva shortly after).

So if being seasoned isn’t a major factor in this fight, and age really isn’t either, then what is?

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