Sunday, May 24, 2009

Phil Baroni looks to steam roll through Joe Riggs

On June 6, “The New York Bad Ass” Phil Baroni will meet Joe “Diesel” Riggs.

Bother fighters are veterans of the sport. The fight should be a stand up battle, as both fighters are heavy handed.

Phil Baroni was pretty explicit about his plan to knock Riggs out at the Strikeforce press conference yesterday.

“Really, there’s not much to say. Joe’s 25 years old and he’ll have his day. On June 6, I’m knocking him the (expletive) out. I’m going to (expletive) him up bad. I’m going to bust him up the whole (expletive) fight. It’s up to him how long he wants to last. Whether he wants to last one round or he wants to last three – I’m going to (expletive) him up.”

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