Friday, May 29, 2009

PRO MMA exclusive interview with King of the Cage heavyweight Liron Wilson

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PRO MMA: How long have you been with MMA Agents and have you noticed a difference since being with them?
LIRON: Just a couple of months now. Yeah, stuff just keeps popping up. The TUF tryouts popped up, this fight popped up, another fight might pop up in a couple of weeks. I mean stuff just starts coming in more and more, faster. So a big thanks to those guys.

PRO MMA: How important is it for a professional fighter to have a manager?
LIRON: If you have the right manager, it’s a great opportunity. If he has the same goals you have, it’s great. If he has other goals than you, there might be problems. I’ve seen it happen in the gym a lot. You have to sit down and talk and make sure you are on the same page when you pick a manager or agent and everything should be great, cause you’ve gotta have the same goals and set the same standards and that’s what you both want. But when you both have different ways of thinking about things, there will be problems between you and the manager.

PRO MMA: I wish you the best of luck in your fight Saturday night. Do you have any final words you want to share or do you want to thank anyone?
LIRON: Yeah, I would like to thank Phil from Cold Forged for sponsoring me, also Mike from Booyaa for getting me this fight and for sponsoring me. I’d like to think Jason, Nate, and all the guys at MMA Agents, all the guys at Millennia MMA who help me train, Matt Durant at the University of La Verne who is my strength and conditioning coach, and anybody else who has helped me out over the years…Logan, everybody.

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