Monday, June 15, 2009

Brett Rogers.. Is He for Real??

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Did Brett Rogers really just smash Andrei Arlovski in 22 seconds??


I missed the fight live because I was at a local MMA show but once I heard the news I was shocked. I didn’t think Brett Rogers stood much of a chance against a world class fighter like Arlovski but I guess he proved me and everyone else wrong… Maybe he is better then we all thought…

I thought Brett Rogers was a decent heavyweight with good hands but I didn’t think he was a Top 10 heavyweight. Now after he made Andrei Arlovski his human punching bag I’m going to have to put him into my top 10 (atleast for now). I’m not saying he’s going to go in there and crush Fedor or Barnett but Brett Rogers is definitely a top 10 heavyweight.

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