Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Chris Lytle WARWAGON, all aboard!!!

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After watching “The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 Live Finale” last Saturday night live on SPIKE TV, I became inspired and had an epiphany of great magnitude. It all hit me about two minutes left in the first round of the Chris Lytle/Kevin Burns fight. I realized how much I really admire and want to take the time to acknowledge Mr. “Lights Out” Lytle. The man was on the brink of a technical knockout loss (which would have been the first time he has got knocked out EVER) to Kevin “The Fire” Burns, needless to say the former Indiana firefighter stifled “The Fire‘s” onslaught of punishment in the first round, came back, put the proverbial “fire” out, and won the fight via Unanimous Decision.

To me this is what fighting and life for that matter, is all about. You have to roll with the punches sometimes. Will you get knocked down and kicked in the mouth sometimes? No doubt about it. The difference is whether or not you're able to recover, regain your composure, and never accept defeat; and this is exactly what I saw from Chris Lytle on Saturday night. Yeah he’s not the most household name in MMA, but he definitely ought to be considered as its poster boy in my opinion. He optimizes and exemplifies what a real fighter is, and is definitely not just another “martial artist” as Forrest Griffin calls them in his latest book entitled “Got Fight.”

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