Saturday, June 06, 2009

Exclusive: Phil Baroni Interview

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On marriage and family life:

James Rowe: You recently got married. How does this affect the NYBA?

Phil Baroni: I’m a better man now I have a good strong woman behind me. I never had that before. I’m lucky and more focused now that I’m fighting for more than myself now.

James Rowe: Congrats. As a consummate wangsman, has the shift to monogamy been difficult?

Phil Baroni: It’s been very easy because my wife is my best friend.

James Rowe: Or is it helping you focus, now that you don’t have to break hearts like it’s nobody’s business?

Phil Baroni: I think I break more hearts now when the ladies see me with my wedding ring on.

James Rowe: Have any priorities changed?

Phil Baroni: Yeah like I said its not only about me anymore.

James Rowe: Any chance of little NYBA coming into the world anytime soon?

Phil Baroni: Yeah in a year oh so. I want a baby now more than she does.

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