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Indianapolis' Chris Lytle shows why he is still significant in the UFC

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Ultimate Finale 9: Chris Lytle defeats Kevin Burns in an epic showdown.

Indianapolis Native Chris Lytle showed why he is still a significant player in the UFC. Lytle who hails from Indianapolis and graduated from Southport High School in 1993 pulled out a hard-eaned victory in the Ultimate Finale 9 card at the Palms Casino in Vegas. My camera guy and partner in crime Johnny Booker covered the fight for me while I was away writing about the "Conviction" show last Saturday. Here's some insights as told by Johnny.

Chris Lytle, a seasoned MMA veteran and known commodity in UFC circles, has flirted with the notoriety and success necessary to propel him to the next level. But at each critical moment, he has run into an obstacle- two of which are named Matt. Intent on righting the course of his derailed title aspirations, Lytle has chosen a path less traveled for him; he takes more chances than normal, and lets the pieces fall where they may. That tendency may have been present in many of his prior fights, but Saturday night, it was on full display.

Early on in his fight with Burns, he threw all-or-nothing shots, many of which did not land, but showed he is ready to take chances with his approach in the hope of securing a decisive victory. With a BJJ black belt and an ability to stuff takedowns on a fairly consistent basis, he seems to have taken his game to another level, content to trust his abilities when his strikes don’t always find their mark. One might see a similarity to Liddell’s style of old, the all-or-nothing shots that can earn a KO or result in one just as easily, and Lytle seems content to roll the dice on his attack. In other words, he seems like a man that knows the path he tread before has only one destination, and the path of aggression may redirect that trajectory.

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