Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lyle Beerbohm's called shot at Strikeforce just latest chapter in unusual story

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With a nickname like "Fancy Pants," it's fairly easy to conclude that Lyle Beerbohm (10-0) is not your typical fighter.

At Friday night's "Strikeforce Challengers: Villasenor vs. Cyborg," Beerbohm added another chapter to his quickly growing legend, borrowing a page from baseball history.

Reminiscent of Babe Ruth's pointing to centerfield, Beerbohm picked a finishing move before his preliminary card fight began, then went out and did it, choking out Duane Ludwig (18-9) with a schoolyard choke at 4:27 of the first-round.

The move was actually in answer to a challenge by Beerbohm's equally colorful manager, Ken Pavia, issued while the two talked backstage before the fights.

"I was acting cocky backstage, and I told [Pavia] to name the finishing move," Beerbohm told ( following the bout.

Pavia said he originally suggested a head kick, but then settled on the schoolyard choke after Beerbohm declared the original suggestion to vanilla.

"I picked that move because it was hard to pull off," Pavia said. "You never see that."

Unfortunately for Pavia, he happened to request his client's specialty in the gym – so much so that "Fancy Pants" himself calls it "The Beerbohm Choke."

"If Pavia would have said something else, I would have been in trouble," Beerbohm said. "But it was perfect for me."

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