Monday, June 22, 2009

Lytle Wins in a War

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For as smart as Chris Lytle actually is, he apparently does not understand the meaning of the word "boring," as he once again put on a show for the fans in Las Vegas, picking up a unanimous decision win over Kevin Burns in a welterweight slugfest.

Early on it looked like Burns might get the best of Lytle as he landed a big right uppercut that put the Indiana native on wobbly legs, scrambling for a recovery plan. As always with Lytle, though, he is next to impossible to put away, and he kept close to Burns as the round came to a close.

"I didn't see it. I ducked my head down like my coaches tell me not to, and he caught me with one," Lytle commented about the punch in the first round. "I was like whoa I'm almost on the ground, I've got to stand back up. I'm an experienced fighter. I knew the onslaught was coming, that's why I was trying to weather the storm. I was able to do that and I cleared my head between the first and second rounds."

The second and third rounds told a different story as Lytle's striking and superior conditioning took over, as he continued to move forward on his opponent, landing punches to the body and head of Burns.

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