Saturday, June 06, 2009

Phil Baroni Responds To Joe Riggs

Originally posted on How would you describe your fighting style?

Phil Baroni: I love to stop my opponent. I love to knock em' out and make them unconsciousness. I mean, I've always been a fan growing up of fighting and those were the fighters I always liked, guys that knock people out. Mike Tyson and guys like that. I've always wanted to emulate that kind of fighter and put on an amazing show. Who are some of the fighters that you look up to?

Baroni: Back in the day Mark Coleman and Frank Shamrock. A lot of guys right now, GSP is on top of his game, Josh Thompson, Gilbert Melendez, you have to love how far Kenny Florian's come, there's a lot of guys. Eddie Alvarez, Fedor is the best, by far, pound for pound. There's a ton of guys. You have a fight coming up in two days this Saturday June 6th, in St. Louis Missouri. You're fighting Joe Riggs, a man who had some unflattering things to say about you in his interview with (link). What are your thoughts on what he said?

Baroni: His mouth is writing checks that his ass can't cash. He's got a big mouth. I think he's talking so much now because he's scared. To be real, what's the comeback for that? The time to talk is done. The fight's been promoted already. I can't wait to get it on and show him what I've got. I don't think he's going to last . . . you know, I know he won't last. I know he ain't gonna go the distance, but the longer it lasts, the better. I'm in great shape! It's a mistake. He really has no chance to win. I've already won this fight with my training and preparation. I'm not really worried about what he has to say. I plan on taking care of my business. That's why they like to watch Phil Baroni, because I take care of my business.

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