Tuesday, June 16, 2009

UFC's Brad Blackburn Eyes More Success

Originally posted on MMAweekly.com

One of the bigger surprises since the folding of the IFL has been welterweight “Bad” Brad Blackburn.

Of all the fighters the UFC brought over from the now-defunct promotion, Blackburn more than likely received the least amount of attention during the transition, but he’s quickly proving that he belongs in his new surroundings.

Having won three fights in a row overall, Blackburn returns to the UFC for this Saturday’s Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale intent on continuing his winning ways and proving he is someone to keep an eye on in the 170-pound weight class.

“I’m feeling good,” said a confident Blackburn to MMAWeekly.com. “I had a good training camp for this one, and I feel I’m in better shape than I was for my last fight, so I’m ready to go.”

Having competed on the big stage before, he knows what to expect from the UFC experience, unlike his opponent, Edgar Garcia, who will be making his first appearance in the Octagon.

It’s that veteran experience that Blackburn hopes will stem the tide of the fight.

“I’m going to try to fight smarter, and that will most likely be an advantage for me,” he stated. “I’ve had a lot of wars, and he really hasn’t yet. I haven’t seen him in there with anyone that’s been a threat to him, so I don’t know how’s going to react to when he gets tested.

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