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Exclusive Interview With Dennis Hallman

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In an exclusive interview with, two-time Matt Hughes conqueror Dennis "Superman" Hallman discusses his fights with Hughes, his UFC title bout, which fighters he would most like to face and why he'd like to return to the UFC.

A head trainer at the respected Victory Athletics camp in Washington, Hallman works with many of the sport's future stars and guides them with his 12 years of experience in MMA. He has competed against many of the biggest names in the sport during his storied career, including a pair of quick and dominant victories over long-time UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Hughes. Now refocused and hungry to compete for another major title, Hallman discusses his plans as he looks ahead. Thank you for taking the time for this interview, Dennis. To begin, can you provide a bit of background information on yourself and when you first took an interest in competing in mixed martial arts?

Dennis Hallman: I have wrestled since I was 8 years old. I wrestled through high school and won the Washington State 135-pound title in my Senior year. I decided to wrestle at a local community college, but during the preseason training, I broke my leg. The injury sidelined me for the season. December (1995) came and I was healing up from the injury. A guy that attended my high school was sending tapes to Battlecade to get on their show. Being that I was a well-known wrestler in my small city, the guy called and asked if I would fight him.

I was confused, but after a little explaining, I agreed to fight the guy. I won our match by guillotine in 30 seconds. The guy was frustrated with the loss but convinced me that, if I trained a little, I would be good. Three weeks later, I competed in my first exhibition match. I had my first sanctioned "Pankration" match on May 18th, 1996 at a Matt Hume show in Kirkland. I defeated a Japanese guy that was training with Hume at the time. Newer fans to MMA may not be familiar with your career, but your 41-12-2, 1 NC record includes fights with many of the sport's top fighters. Still just 33 years old, do you feel that you can make a run at another major title in the future?

Dennis: I have been fighting for a long time and have a lot of experience. I think that, with the right fights, I can re-establish myself as a top contender and maybe get a shot at a title. Your nickname, "Superman," has been with you for most of your career. When did people first start calling you that and what initially sparked the name?

Dennis: When I was an amateur, I used to have a lucky sweater that I wore before each fight. A local promoter by the name of Aric Wiseman was promoting an amateur event and put my photo on his event poster with my name simply written as "Superman." I have carried the name ever since. While you have battled many of the best, you are still most famous for scoring two victories over long-time UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Hughes, in a combined total of just 37 seconds. Hypothetically, if you were to face Hughes again, now almost ten years later, would you expect a similar outcome?

Dennis: I will beat Hughes every time we fight. He can never beat me. Was there ever any animosity between Hughes and yourself, or was it simply a matter of proving that you were the better fighter?

Dennis: I had no problem with Hughes until he wrote snide comments about me in his book. I mean, what a whiner. He should just accept that he had his ass handed to him and move on.

********* Do you have any final comments or shout-outs to sponsors or fans?

Dennis: Thanks to Vicious Fight Gear, MMA Agents,,, Eric Herrholz and May God Bless everyone.

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These guys back up fighters, and are not promoters.

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Fight.TV is the support system that all MMA competitors can use.
Eric J. Herrholz is the founder and the guy knows business.

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