Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Korean Media's Q&A with Super Agent Ken Pavia of MMAagents.com

1. please introduce yourself, and what you do.
My name is Ken Pavia and I own www.MMAagents.com the preeminent Mixed Martial Arts Sports Agency. Our US staff including Attorney and Agent Nate Brodnax, Director of Fighter Endorsements Danny Lagafuaina, and Director of Fighter Compliance Julian Gregorio and our four interns represent 54 elite level MMA fighters. For a living we make dreams come true.

2.whats your relationship with john han and what are you & john planning to do?
MMAagents has three international branches. Jon Han runs the Korean affiliate. We are very excited to have Jon and his brother as part of the team and are excited to be able to tap into the Korean MMA market. We look forward to working with Jon to bringing Korean fighters to the United States and to bring US televised fights into Korea.

3. how is it like to work as an mma agent worldwide?
In 2008 our clients fought in 35 organizations in 8 countries. We have exceeded those numbers already this year. We are very excited to be a part of the international expansion of MMA and it is so rewarding to see fighter get to live their dreams and see other countries and cultures in the process. Despite living out of a suitcase, I really love what I do.

4.give me your best fight. favorite fighter and why.
Asking me to choose a favorite fighter is like asking a father to choose a favorite son. But certain fights have given me very emotional responses. Justin McCullys victory over Antoni Hardonk moved me to tear because I had seen Just work as a training partner to Tito Ortiz and Ricco Rodriguez for years. That fight was his opportunity to shine. I also found myself in exuding emotion at fights which is out of character when Razor Rob fought Olaf Alfonso, Phil Baroni won with KOs in Pride, and most recently when Brett Rogers KOed The Pitbull.

5.are we going to see any korean fighter in the ufc or any other events near future?
Well we already have Stun Gun, Dennis Kang, and Sexyama and that is a good start. They are representing their nation well. With their success I believe you will soon see Strikeforce and Bellator reaching into the Korean talent pool and the UFC will continue to scout there as well.

6. who do you have in your roster? (not everyone give us names everyone might know)
Some of the bigger names as Martin Kampman, Chris Lytle, Anthony Johnson, Phil Baroni, Brett Rogers, Benji Radach, and James Thompson. Please visit out web site for the complete list.

7. heard you are very close to scott coker, ceo of strikeforce, and he is half korean. do you have any plan to have your korean fighter in that show?
Scott is a very close friend. He would very much like to have Korean fighters on his show and has even talked about some day doing shows there. His mother is Korean and he was actually born there. He is very proud of his heritage.

8. i give you a word, express what you think of it in a word, or short sentence.

FEDOR- The greatest fighter who has ever lived, but he is ready to lose to a new star (hopefully Brett Rogers!)

DANA WHITE- Very confident and a pioneer of our sport.

TITO- The best at marketing an image that the US market has ever seen.

AKIYAMA(SEXYAMA)- Such a talented person. He will be very successful in the UFC.

UFC- The Gold Standard that all others strive to achieve.

KEN PAVIA- Dedicated to his clients and the sport. And he makes dreams come true… everyday.

9. any last words to korean mma fans?
On behalf of MMAagents and in conjunction with Jon Han we are honored to help further the careers of Korean fighters. In the short time we have been involved with Korean MMA it has become evident that there is an enormous amount of talent and fan interest. It is our desire that our talents will be symbiotic and we will be able to bring value and entertainment to the Korean MMA community.

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