Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Triangle Choke: Erin Toughill Interview

SD- Erin, speak about your background in combat sports.

ET- I was an athlete my whole life. I started playing soccer at 4 years old then basketball, softball, all at very high levels throughout my adolescence. I started in BJJ with the Gi when I was about 18 or 19. I had been doing low level striking training before that. But I started getting VERY serious when I was about 21, and I had my first pro fight when I just turned 22, in 1999. So I found martial arts a little later in life, but I started fighting way before it was the "cool thing" to it seems to be why people fight today.

SD- When did you start training for MMA specifically

ET- When I was 21. I never knew women did MMA. I was going to kickbox but overseas it was a big thing for women. So my career started there & I never looked back.
SD- How has your family reacted to you being a fighter?

ET-My family always, always supported me. My Dad didn't like that his little girl was getting punched in the face lol but he knew I was a go-getter and if I was going to fight, it was so I could be the best. He knew my dedication and he respected that. My mom typically goes to all my fights. My sister and Dad were my biggest fans, and although they're not here physically anymore, their spirits are always with me, pushing me to be the best.


SD- Thank you Erin. We will continue to monitor your career and look forward to the event on August 15th.

ET- I wanted to thank Neil Melanson and my sponsor, Cage Fighter. Of course MMA Agents and all the boys who work with Ken Pavia and Nate Brodnax. I am just trying to get the casual fan to know me, and I hope I can prove women can bring a great deal to this sport. Go to and for info on me.

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